Know the Basics of Saving and Investing To Achieve Your Financial Goals

Do you struggle to pay your bills every month? Does it sometimes feel like you’re never going to earn enough money to save anything? Has your goal of financial freedom remained elusive through the years? Knowing and understanding the fundamentals of saving and...[Read More]

Oliver’s insights – have Australian home prices bottomed? Probably not.

Key points – Capital city property prices so far in March are on track for a 0.6% or so gain, led by Sydney, based on CoreLogic data. – The main positives for the residential property market are improving demographic demand, constrained supply and tight rental...[Read More]

Investment markets and key developments

Global share markets had a volatile week reflecting the problems in banks but with banking system backstops and hopes of less central bank rate hikes providing some support. US shares actually rose 1.4% for the week having fallen further than other markets the week...[Read More]

Australians’ data could be exposed in e-waste

Australians’ data and critical infrastructure is under threat from careless e-waste disposal, which could have “catastrophic” consequences for national security, an expert says. Thousands of tonnes of old phones and other devices from Australian workplaces are...[Read More]

Five steps to help respond to a cyber attack

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s becoming a matter of when, not if, a business will be the victim of an attack. So it’s vital to have a well-developed response plan ready to go in the event of a ransomware attack or other cybercrime. Here are five of the key steps...[Read More]

Defence minister lays out need for nuclear subs

Nuclear submarines will enable Australia to protect its sea trade routes, the defence minister says, after government backbenchers questioned the need for the technology. In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, Richard Marles laid out the pathway to the submarines,...[Read More]

Target for nurses in aged care won’t be reached

The federal government does not expect to meet the goal of having 24/7 nurses in all aged care residences by mid-year. From July 1, at least one registered nurse must be on-site and on duty at all times at each residential facility. Aged Care Minister Anika Wells said...[Read More]

Electric car batteries could fuel a $17 billion boost

Australia could add more than 61,000 jobs and almost $17 billion to its bottom line if it made more electric car and solar storage batteries in the country, a report has revealed. The Charging Ahead study, released by the Future Battery Industries Co-operative Research...[Read More]

What Does Protecting Your Family Entail?

Protecting one’s family is a vital aspect of parenting, and every parent has their own unique ideas about what it means to keep their loved ones safe. As a parent, you feel the need to protect and keep your children safe, especially in the early stages of their...[Read More]

All the noise

I promise this will be my last blog on the proposed changes to superannuation – at least until there is something more concrete to discuss. My last blog A fast-moving couple of weeks finished off with the announcement the government intends to double the rate of...[Read More]

Income protection 101

There’s not much you can do without an income. In monetary terms, your ability to earn an income is your biggest asset by far – which is why income protection is so important. When you’re protecting your biggest asset, there are 3 things you need to...[Read More]

Study shines light on depth of poverty in Australia

Renters, single parents, women, students, the unemployed and people with a disability are the Australians most at risk of poverty, a new study has found. The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) partnered with the University of NSW to examine which groups were...[Read More]

Call for ‘fair dinkum’ Pacific climate projects

Australian companies should be allowed to fund “fair dinkum” climate change projects in Pacific island nations as an offset against their own carbon emissions, a former top energy adviser to the federal government says. Kerry Schott, who chaired the Energy Security...[Read More]

Scheme to tackle youth homelessness gets $90m boost

More than $90 million will be injected into a program aimed at breaking the cycle of homelessness. The federal government funding, which will keep the existing nationwide program in operation, coincides with the official homelessness data collected during the last...[Read More]

Safeguard offsets plan won’t change a thing: Forrest

Billionaire Andrew Forrest has spoken out against the federal government’s safeguard mechanism legislation which would allow big polluters to offset their emissions. The mining magnate and green hydrogen proponent has urged Australia to take bold steps to transform...[Read More]